b 710 Mobility of joint functions

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15 April 2021

Functions of the range and ease of movements of a joint

Functional Disability

The function of mobility of single or several joints, vertebral, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee ankle, small joints of hand and feet, mobility of joints generalized, impairments such as hypermobility of joints, frozen joints, arthritis.

Social Support

Planning and carrying out the elimination of human waste (menstruation, urination, defecation), and clean oneself afterwards.

Performing the coordinated actions of handing objects, picking up, manipulation and releasing them using one's hand, fingers and thumb, such

Moving along a surface on foot, step by step, so that on foot is always on the ground, such as

Staying in the same body position as required, such as remaining seated or remaining standing for work or school.


Er kan een probleem zijn om van de ene lichaamshouding in de andere te komen, bijvoorbeeld bij opstaan, gaan liggen

Er kan een probleem om zich in zittende of liggende houding te verplaatsen van het ene naar het andere oppervlak

Iets of iemand optillen en van de ene naar de andere plaats meenemen, zoals bij het optillen van een kopje


Gecoördineerde acties uitvoeren om iets of iemand met de handen en armen te verplaatsen of manipuleren, zoals bij het

Lopen en zich verplaatsen in verschillende plaatsen en situaties, zoals bij het zich verplaatsen tussen kamers in een huis, gebouw

Er kan een probleem zijn bij het zichzelf verplaatsen van de ene plek naar de andere met gebruik van hulpmiddelen

Wassen en afdrogen van het gehele lichaam, of lichaamsdelen, met gebruik van water en geschikte was- en droogmaterialen of methoden

Verzorgen van delen van het lichaam, zoals de huid, het gezicht, de tanden, de hoofdhuid, de nagels en de genitalia

Getting into and out of a body position.

Moving from one surface to another, such as sliding along a bench or moving from a bed to a chair

Raising up an object or taking something from one place to another, such as when lifting a cup or toy

Raising up an object or taking something from one place to another, such as when lifting a cup or toy

Performing the coordinated actions required to move objects or to manipulate them by using hands and arms, such as when

Walking and moving around in various places and situations, such as walking between rooms in a house, within a building

Moving the whole body from place to place, on any surface or space, by using specific devices designed to facilitate

Using transportation to move around as a passenger, such as being driven in a car, bus, rickshaw, jitney, pram or

Being in control of and moving a vehicle or the animal that draws it, travelling under one's own direction or

Washing and drying one's whole body, or body parts, using water and appropriate cleaning and drying materials or methods, such

Looking after those parts of the body, such as skin, face, teeth, scalp, nails and genitals, that require more than

Carrying out the coordinated actions and tasks of putting on and taking off clothes and footwear in sequence and in

Maintaining and repairing household and other personal objects, including house and contents, clothes, play and recreational materials, vehicles and assistive

Planning, organizing, cooking and serving simple and complex meals for oneself and others, such as by making a menu, selecting

Engaging in the activities of advanced educational programmes in universities, colleges and professional schools and learning all aspects of the

Engaging in aspects of life of education institutions, such as university and school related associations, including: clubs, sports, related civic

Engaging in religious or spiritual activities, organizations and practices for self-fulfilment, finding meaning, religious or spiritual value and establishing connection

Seeking, finding and choosing employment, being hired and accepting employment, maintaining and advancing through a job, trade, occupation or profession

Er kunnen problemen zijn met het meedoen aan religieuze en spirituele activiteiten, zoals het bijwonen van bijeenkomsten.

Omschrijving van de WHO: 

Activiteiten uitvoeren in het kader van programma's die zijn bedoeld als voorbereiding op het werk, zoals de taken uitvoeren die

Ensuring physical comfort, health and physical and mental well-being, such as by maintaining a balanced diet, and an appropriate level

Kolkata homeBuying, renting, furnishing and arranging a room, house, apartment or other dwelling.Inclusions: buying or renting a place to live and

Engaging in temporary contacts and links with strangers for specific purposes, when asking for directions or other information, or making

Creating and maintaining close or romantic relationships between individuals, such as husband and wife, lovers or sexual partners.

Inclusions: romantic

Driving human-powered transportation such as a bicycle, tricycle, or rowboat.


Gaining administration school, education, engaging in all school-related responsibilities and privileges, and learning the course material, subjects and other curriculum

Engaging in all aspects of work, as an occupation, trade, profession or other forms of employment, for payment, as an

Beschikken over economische bronnen, privébronnen of sociaal-maatschappelijke bronnen, om economische zekerheden veilig te stellen in verband met de huidige en

Engaging in all aspects of work for payment on a part-time basis, as an employee, such as seeking employment and

Meedoen aan informele of formeel georganiseerde spelen of atletische sporten met een wedstrijdelement, individueel of in teamverband, zoals bowlen, turnen


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