b 4300 Production of blood

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23 May 2021



Functions related to the production of blood cells and all its constituents.

Haematological system functions, such as neutropenia and anaemia.


Functional Disability

Lack of white blood cells, as for example neutropenia, and red blood cells, anemia.




ICF-b Reference
Social Support

Driving human-powered transportation such as a bicycle, tricycle, or rowboat.

Ensuring physical comfort, health and physical and mental well-being, such as by maintaining a balanced diet, and an appropriate level

Kolkata homeBuying, renting, furnishing and arranging a room, house, apartment or other dwelling.Inclusions: buying or renting a place to live and

Engaging in temporary contacts and links with strangers for specific purposes, when asking for directions or other information, or making

Creating and maintaining close or romantic relationships between individuals, such as husband and wife, lovers or sexual partners.

Inclusions: romantic


Gaining administration school, education, engaging in all school-related responsibilities and privileges, and learning the course material, subjects and other curriculum

Engaging in the activities of advanced educational programmes in universities, colleges and professional schools and learning all aspects of the

Engaging in programmes related to preparation for employment, such as performing the tasks required of an apprenticeship, internship, articling and

Activiteiten uitvoeren in het kader van programma's die zijn bedoeld als voorbereiding op het werk, zoals de taken uitvoeren die

Engaging in all aspects of work, as an occupation, trade, profession or other forms of employment, for payment, as an

Engaging in all aspects of work for payment on a part-time basis, as an employee, such as seeking employment and

Beschikken over economische bronnen, privébronnen of sociaal-maatschappelijke bronnen, om economische zekerheden veilig te stellen in verband met de huidige en

Having command over economic resources, from private or public sources, in order to ensure economical security for present and future

Meedoen aan informele of formeel georganiseerde spelen of atletische sporten met een wedstrijdelement, individueel of in teamverband, zoals bowlen, turnen


Medical treatment hemoglobinopathy

Increased expression of fetal hemoglobin (HbF) may...


Neutrophils are a subgroup of leucocytes, the white blood...