b 117 Intellectual functions

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14 April 2021

ClassGeneral mental functions, required to understand and constructively integrate the various mental functions and their development over the life span. 

General mental functions may be delayed and result in a developmental disability

Functional Disability

Functions of intellectual growth; intellectual retardation, mental retardation, dementia.

ICF-b Reference
Social Support

Intentionally focusing on specific stimuli, such as by filtering out distracting noises.

Carrying out simple or complex and coordinated actions related to the mental and physical components of a single task, such

Driving a vehicle with a motor, such as an automobile, motorcycle, motorboat, or aircraft.

May be difficult in

Shwachman Diamond

Kolkata homeBuying, renting, furnishing and arranging a room, house, apartment or other dwelling.Inclusions: buying or renting a place to live and

Maintaining and managing interactions with other people, in a contextually and socially appropriate manner, such as by regulating emotions and

Learning at home or in some other non-institutional setting, such as learning crafts and other skills from parents or family

Obtaining facts about persons, things and events, such as asking why, what, where and how, asking for names.


Gaining administration school, education, engaging in all school-related responsibilities and privileges, and learning the course material, subjects and other curriculum

vaas bloemen 01Engaging in any form of play, recreational or leisure activity, such as informal or organized play and sports, programmes of

Ensuring physical comfort, health and physical and mental well-being, such as by maintaining a balanced diet, and an appropriate level


Autism was originally described as an inability to create normal...

Diagnostic criteria for intellectual disabilities (ID) have been developed by...