b 515 Digestive functions

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12 April 2021

The function of transporting food through the gastrointestinal tract, breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients

Functional Disability

Functions of transport of food through the stomach, peristalsis, breakdown of food, enzyme production and action in stomach and intestine; absorption of nutrients and tolerance of food; impairments such as hyperacidity of the stomach, malabsorption, intolerance to food, hypermobility of intestines, intestinal paralysis, intestinal obstruction and decreased bile production

Pancreas insufficiency is an example occurring in more than one rare condition.

ICF-b Reference
Social Support

Caring for oneself by being aware of the need and by selecting and consuming nutritious foods and maintaining physical fitness.

Carrying out the coordinated tasks and actions of eating food that has been served, bringing it to the mouth and

Taking hold of a drink, bringing it to the mouth, and consuming the drink in culturally acceptable ways, mixing, stirring


Exocrine Pancreas Insufficiency is usually diagnosed in the first year...