Multiple impacted teeth

Delayed exchange of primary teeth by permanent teeth, complicated by multiple impacted permanent and supernumerary teeth combined with severe malocclusion and crossbite, may need treatment. The permanent first and second molars are rarely affected, but the spontaneous eruption is usually delayed (Zhu et al 2018). Affected individuals are more likely to have cyst formation surrounding the impacted teeth.

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19 January 2020
HP:0011069 Increased number of teeth

Most children get their first tooth around age 6 months and start losing primary teeth around the age of six years. The eruption of the permanent...

Rare Condition

Cleidocranial Dysplasia or Dysostosis

The most common features of  cleidocranial dysplasia/ dysostosis are among others:

  • patency of the anterior fontanelle,
  • an inverted pear-shaped skull,
  • hypertelorism (wide-spaced eyes),
  • general backward placement...