Achieving the SDG#3 goal with genetics, internet technology and data driven improvement

Sustainable Development Goals

ePoster at the RCPCH Conference Singapore. March 6-7 2021 Some 93 million children under 15 years of age live with moderate or severe disability (WHO, 2015). Disabilities, such as hearing deficit, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, turn out to have genetic causes. In 2019 the WHO launched a classification of digital health interventions v1.01: Shared language to describe the uses of digital technology for health. In lower and middle-income countries the use of electronic data in medical care is still on the verge of development. Global awareness of the advantages of the use of available genetic tests and eHealth should be improved. The application of disease-specific code-sets ensures the harmonization of data and the possibility of data exchange. As demonstrated with the LOINC, integration of interoperable data into child health record, including children with chronic illness and disabilities, can accelerate the use of new diagnostics into practice. Adjustment of data services and management is necessary to provide efficient novel digital solutions to support Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #3: Good health and well-being.

Achieving SGD 3 goals with genetics,internet technology and data driven improvement

ePoster at the RCPCH Conference Singapore, March 6-7 2021

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6 April 2021