b 735 Muscle tone function

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12 April 2021

Functions related to the tension present in resting muscles and the resistance offered when trying to move the muscles passively.


Functional Disability

Functions associated with the tension of isolated muscles and muscle groups, muscles of limb, muscle of trunk, and all muscles of the body; impairment such as hypotonia, hypertonia and muscle spasticity.

ICF-b Reference
Social Support

Planning and carrying out the elimination of human waste (menstruation, urination, defecation), and clean oneself afterwards.

Moving along a surface on foot, step by step, so that on foot is always on the ground, such as

Staying in the same body position as required, such as remaining seated or remaining standing for work or school.


Wassen en afdrogen van het gehele lichaam, of lichaamsdelen, met gebruik van water en geschikte was- en droogmaterialen of methoden

Verzorgen van delen van het lichaam, zoals de huid, het gezicht, de tanden, de hoofdhuid, de nagels en de genitalia


Cerebral palsy is a common physical disability of childhood and...