b 770 Gait pattern functions

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4 April 2021

Functions of movement patterns associated with walking, running or other whole-body movements.

Includes: walking patterns and running patterns: impairments such as spastic gait, hemiplegic gait, paraplegic gait, limping and stiff gait pattern

Functional Disability

Disorders of bone, cartilage, muscles, and nerves may have an impairment in walking and running.

For example congenital hallux valgus, skeletal dysplasia, spinal muscular atrophy, contractures

ICF-b Reference
  • b 770 Gait pattern

    Functions of movements patterns associated with walking, running or whole body movements.

Social Support

Driving human-powered transportation such as a bicycle, tricycle, or rowboat.

Moving the whole body from one place to another by means other than walking, such as climbing over a rock or

Managing a household by cleaning the house, washing clothes, using household appliances, storing food and disposing of garbage, such as


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